Graduate Student, Klavs F. Jensen & William H. Green GroupsJan 15 – present
MIT, Cambridge, MA
  • Developed microfluidic reactor platforms with extensive automation and real-time control to screen and optimize chemical reactions with relevance to pharmaceutical lead generation and library synthesis; in use at Novartis
  • Designing machine learning approaches to identify synthetic routes for on-demand flow synthesis of small molecule compounds and to streamline pharmaceutical discovery; code deployed at 7 companies for use in active discovery pipelines; public web service used by 300+ chemists
Visiting Scientist, Novartis Pharma AGMar 17 – Apr 17
Basel, Switzerland
  • Implemented microfluidic reactor platform based on PhD research for use in pharmaceutical R&D
Contractor, Corning Inc.Oct 15 – Dec 15
Corning, NY
  • Performed laboratory-scale feasibility study for new technology to prevent loss of product quality
  • Led team to mitigate ongoing process variability challenges in production facility
ORISE Fellow, U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationAug 15 – Oct 15
White Oak, MD
  • Led team to develop dynamic modeling tools for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • Demonstrated feasibility of and refined novel technique for characterizing complex pharmaceutical formulations
Researcher, Thomas F. Miller III GroupApr 14 – Jun 14
Caltech, Pasadena, CA
  • Wrote various Fortran modules for in-house embedded DFT (e-DFT) software package
Chemical Engineering Research Intern, SchlumbergerJun 13 – Aug 13
Houston, TX
  • Developed new additives for acid fracturing fluid for well stimulation in high-temperature carbonate reservoirs
Process Engineering Intern, Carbon Recycling InternationalJun 12 – Aug 12
Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Completed feasibility studies and technical analyses of various emissions-to-methanol plant configurations
  • Generated key performance indicators by automated analysis of SCADA log files
Research Fellow, Douglas C. Rees LaboratoryMar 11 – Aug 11
Caltech, Pasadena, CA
  • Expressed, purified, and crystallized metalloprotein for x-ray crystallographic analysis and structure refinement
  • Modified and developed Perl/Fortran programs to interpret multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion data
  • Studied anomalous scattering dependence on oxidation state to describe electron transfer in nitrogen fixation