About Me

I’m a researcher advancing the transition of biology into an engineering discipline. My work has been published in top journals in synthetic biology and control theory, such as Nature Communications and IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. I solve challenging problems in synthetic biology leveraging my multidisciplinary skill set including machine learning , control theory, applied mathematics, and robotic automation. I work at the interface of biological theory and practice so that techniques I develop are rigorously validated. Every project I undertake is in service of creating a world where any organism can be engineered predictably, rapidly, and at low cost.


For a complete list of my academic publications and their associated statistics see my google scholar profile. My professional history is kept up to date on linked in and an my up to date CV can be downloaded here.


[2018] I made an appearance on the podcast “This week in Machine Learning and AI”. You can listen here.

[2018] A recently published Nature Communications Paper on making hoppy flavored beer from transgenic yeast was recently picked up by the New York Times.